One of our goals is to get you to think different!

Think “Wellness” not Symptoms and Disease. We need to stop believing everything we hear and start reasoning the science that we know about health. Our paradigm needs to change from fighting symptoms and disease, to embracing life and maximizing healing.

One example; is the scientific fact that bacteria and viruses are not the sole cause of disease. They are associated with disease and become dangerous when the human body is already weak and sick. Bacteria and viruses help us stay connected by sharing important health information and provide essential vitamins we can’t get anywhere else. We need to stop blaming bacteria and viruses for our lack of health; stop blaming our genetics; stop looking negatively at our symptoms and start looking at the cause of wellness! The Truth is: When your spirit, soul, and body's needs are met, you are complete, whole and well!

The Truth Is:

When Your Spirit, Soul, And Physical Needs Are Met,

You Are Complete, Whole And WELL!

Comitted To Personal Care and Phenomenal Results

Since 1947 we have been a family physician family run business. Our 3 generations of Physicians, Therapists and Personal Trainers have served our communities with love. We have provided primary care for infants, toddlers, teens and adults. We have treated people with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, obesity, depression, fever, food allergies/sensitivities, ear aches, infections, bruises, sprain/strain injuries, scoliosis, those desiring peak performance, optimal wellness and more. We have taken specialty courses in pediatrics, orthopedics, neurology, rehab, wellness, and nutrition. We have dedicated our lives to making our communities better, safer, and healthier.