Whether you want to maximize your physical performance or want to be completely well. No Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Attack, Stroke, Obesity, Depression, Trauma, Hospitalization, Infection, Surgery...We are here to train and show you how to be WELL :-)

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The Next Wellness Lifestyle Vacation is in Clearwater Florida USA! Reach the next level of wellness TODAY!

There are a few of us that want to peak our performance in athletics, business and relationships. We help you accomplish peak performance. However, If you are like most people seeking wellness, you are probably tired of doctors misleading you, taking drugs with a long list of side effects and only giving you medically dangerous treatment choices. Dangerous choices like: recommending chemotherapy or surgical procedures that kill or remove precious parts of your body. You probably want someone to help you make good healthy choices. Choices that promote life and heal your precious parts. Someone that knows what the mind and body need to be vibrant and full of life! We know how to turn your healing power on.

Wellness-Lifestyle-Resort vacations are the solution! Our programmed events consist of a full vacation, away from all the stress of everyday life. Do-it-yourself wellness seminars are designed to help you learn and experience a wellness lifestyle. The beautiful part of all this, is, you will have the opportunity to gain control of your life (spiritual, mental and physical) and save tons of money by avoiding costly medical procedures!
Our Wellness-Lifestyle-Resort vacation programs are designed to help you find answers to your health needs through physical, orthopedic, neurological, food sensitivity, autonomic response, and nutritional needs evaluations . We will give you the information and experience you need to make lifestyle changes! Training may include;   Seminars on gardening, cooking, nutrition, exercise, stretching, meditation, allergies, sensitivities, detoxification, beauty, spa, wellness therapies and medical procedures.

Do-It-Yourself training for therapies like: Acupuncture, Chiropractic, PT, Massage, myofascial, active-release, transverse friction, PNF, fast stretch, peak performance, cold laser, PRP injections (protein-rich plasma), microneedling, cupping, RF (radio frequency), stem cells, vitamin-rich oils, EMS, TENS, heat, ice, hydrocolon, meditation, music, memory and brain healing, brain growth and development.

Pre-covid Resorts located in places like New Zealand, Thailand, Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Greece, Canada and the USA. 

Wellness Training Designed To Help You:

• Feel Better!

• Look Younger!

• Be Smarter & Stronger!

• Stand, Bend & Move Better!

• Think Clearer and Have More Confidence!

• Create A More Peaceful Home & Work Atmosphere!

• Learn How To Turn Your Healing Power On!

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2023/2024 Resorts in Colorado, Georgia and Clearwater Beach Florida USA!

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